by Oyinkan Braithwaite

GENRE: crime, satire

CEFR LEVEL: B2 and above

 “That’s how it has always been. Ayoola would break a glass, and I would receive the blame for giving her the drink. Ayoola would fail a class, and I would be blamed for not coaching her. Ayoola would take an apple and leave the store without paying for it, and I would be blamed for letting her get hungry.”

Oyinkan Braithwaite, My Sister, The Serial Killer

This novel caught my attention when I was at the airport once, back in the days when I was able to travel every 6 weeks to the UK (oh I miss those days). I used to get on the plane carrying at least 2 brand-new novels in my bag. Did you know that collecting books is also a hobby of mine as well as reading them? 😂

Well, I am glad both the title and the cover caught my eye. This book is not really a crime thriller despite the title and that is perfect for me as I often read at night and have a very vivid imagination! 😱 The real focus of the story is the relationship between two sisters who are total opposites: Ayoola is beautiful and carefree (and a serial killer!) while Korede is dependable and practical, and she will do anything to protect her sister.

But what happens when Ayoola decides that she wants to go out with the doctor that Korede adores? Will he be Ayoola’s next victim? How will Korede react to this love triangle?

I really enjoyed this debut novel from Nigerian author Braithwaite, who gives us an insight into her home country but doesn’t play into stereotypes. The story is full of dark humour and packs a real punch 🤛 (= has a powerful effect/impact). What’s more, it’s a fairly easy read as the writing style is direct and simple and the chapters are short. It is suitable for learners with a B2 level and above. If you are a fan of dark humour, try it and let me know what you think!

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