If you are strong intermediate-level student (B1+/B2-)or above, now’s the perfect time to try reading your first authentic novel. Don’t know where to start?

If you follow these tips, you can’t go wrong:

First, look for the genre (type) of novel that you enjoy reading in your own language. If you wouldn’t read a novel in your language, why read it in English?

Look for a novel with short chapters. Reading a complete chapter at a time will give you satisfaction and keep you motivated to read more.

Before buying, read a couple of pages and check the writing style and language. Lots of description makes comprehension more difficult, dialogue generally makes it easier.

When you are reading, do NOT underline every word that you don’t understand. You will get demotivated very quickly.

Underline and check the meaning of new words and structures that you see again and again and want to remember.

Focus on specific areas of the language e.g. underlining phrasal verbs, collocations with MAKE.

Use a good English dictionary. I recommend the Cambridge Learner dictionary because it gives you useful definitions and examples.

If you are having problems choosing a novel or are not sure if one is suitable, ask me. I will be happy to help you!

Happy reading!


    • You’re welcome, Olga! It’s good to hear that these tips work. As I know you are a bookworm, if you have any more of your own that you would add to the list, I would be happy to hear them. 🙂

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