“Oh this? It’s a ‘bookworm’.

They live in books, and they love to eat important or valuable words.”


WHY you should do a BOOKWORM course:

✓ You can improve your English while doing something you love – reading.

✓ You can practise ALL your language skills, not just your reading skills.

✓ You can share your views on the novel with someone else who is reading it – me! 🙂

✓ The courses last 12 weeks maximum and you can read when you want – lots of flexibility if you are busy.

1 x BOOKWORM course
  • Getting to know you (15-min phone call – level and interests)
  • Novel (paperback or Kindle)
  • 2 hours of phone/Zoom classes in total (flexibility)
  • Quizzes
  • Endless teacher support and motivation 🙂

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