Who is it for?

The English Learner Book Club is for strong B2/C1 English learners who enjoy reading and want to improve not only their reading skills, but also their speaking skills and lexical and grammatical knowledge.

What do you do in each meeting?

I will select and send you an authentic short story to read before the session. During the session, we will discuss the content, review any comprehension doubts and I will highlight any interesting vocabulary and structures. Every week, it’s a different topic, the authors are modern and it’s a great way to introduce you to talented authors and maybe new genres. It doesn’t matter if you hate the story. The important thing is to come to the session with your opinion and to be ready to talk!😊

Where is it?

Before COVID, we were meeting every week (Thursday mornings) in ColorIt, a great coffee shop and creative space near Sant Cugat train station. During the lockdown, we went virtual.

How can I join you?

To join our book club and see information about our next session, click on Meetup:

Hope to see you soon!